Adam. R

5 new services developers NEED TO KNOW!

Created May 12, 2022


There are many services for developers that launch every week. Some are really impressive. I am showing you some of them and giving details about them. Let's go!


Motion DevTools

Motion DevTools is a Chrome extension that speeds up your animation design and development. Use a classic timeline interface to inspect, edit and export animations made with CSS or Motion One. In my thoughts, it is really an easier of CSS animation without opening up your css file.


Topline Resumes

For all the developers trying to get a job but can't get any interviews. Topline Resumes will highlight the in-demand missing skills for you. Just upload your resume. It will find all the mistakes so you can impress the interviewer.



Snipt is one of the BEST search engines for developers. The reason is because it is a search engine for snippets. If you ever need to find a snippet of some code, go to Snipt. I'm going to test out by saying react class component, let see! We get a snippet of the following:

export default class filename extends Component { 
  render() {
    return <div></div>

That's really cool (comes with syntax).



Did you know that you can use Google Sheets as an API? Infact you can! With a dev tool called Sheety. You can follow the tutorial on how to link your google sheet and broswe through a few templates. If you have little experience or just tired of the old api method. Use Sheety!



WhatRuns is a free technology lookup tool for developers, designers and salespeople to discover the technologies used on any website. It is really useful if you like the style of a website or just curious and want to find out more types of cms, widgets, analytics, etc.