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How to create an SSL/TLS Certificate on AWS!

Created October 18, 2021


Every website need an SSL/TLS Certificate! Without them our credit/debit cards can be HACKED including our passwords. SSL/TLS Certificates help protect websites from hackers viewing our personal information.

Creating an SSL Certificate

To begin you must have a AWS account.

  1. Go to your AWS Management Console.
  2. Next search up at the top search bar "Certificate Manager".
  3. Press enter and you will the following: acm.png
  4. We need to Provision a Certificate so we will click the left option.
  5. Now click the blue button, "Request a certificate" since we will be making one.
  6. Once clicked you will see the following: acm-provision.png
  7. In the text box type in your domain name. I recommend getting a root certificate. To request type ""
  8. You can add more domains if you want but I will just continue by pressing "Next".
  9. Now we need to prove we own the domain. The options are DNS Record validation or Email Validation. I say DNS Record validation is the easiest by far. So just click "Next" and we will move on.
  10. Skip the tags but if you want then add some.
  11. Now you will have a review of the domain(s) and type of verification. If everything is good then its time to create our SSL Certificate! Press "Confirm and Request".
  12. The DNS Record we need to make is a CNAME record. Go to the place you make your DNS Records for the domain. Copy the name and value into your DNS Zone and wait 1-5 minutes.
  13. Once you made the records press "Continue".
  14. Once its is issued we can finally use it on AWS Services like on Cloudfront and MORE!

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