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If you are using ReactJS... Get React Query NOW

Created March 9, 2022


You may be wondering why I should get another package on my React website. React Query will make your fetch requests and more 100% easier! I will explain.


React Query, a React library that simplifies the way we fetch, cache and syncronize the data from a server. But, React itself has no opinions about how you fetch data from the frontend. React takes the most basic approach is to use the broswer fetch api for when a component first mounts, and useEffect to manage the response with useState. That works but becomes increasingly difficult when requirements like caching, retries, and deduping come into play. React query not only simplifies your data fetching code but also handles these complex requirements out of the box. Example, you might want to refetch data when the user leaves and comes back to the same window. Window fetch on windowfocus refetchOnWindowFocus : True handles that for you if you're building an infinite scroll feature. The use infinity query hook useIfiniteQuery() will make your life much easier. You can see where I'm going. React Query makes React much easier to use. You are right if you say so. There are SO MANY MORE features that I won't be able to write them all down.


I hope that was enough for you to go to your terminal and install the React Query library. If you found this usful then please share this and follow me! Also check out Buy Me A Coffee!

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