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The all NEW AWS Private 5G Network EXPLAINED!

Created December 18, 2021


Hello everyone. Recently AWS revealed a new service that will change the world! It is called the AWS Private 5G Network! It lets you have your own cellular network without breaking a sweat! Right now, growing enterprises are looking to augment existing on-premises wi-fi networks with 4G, and 5G technology for a number of reasons.

What it brings

AWS Private 5G Network will bring reliable low-latency connectivity, long-range outdoor coverage. Predictable network behavior, granular application and device control.

Making it easier

However getting a private cellular network up and running has been a time-consuming and complicated process for even the most skilled IT professionals. AWS says that changes now and it's much simpler than you think. But now AWS Private 5G is a managed service AWS that enables enterprises to easily deploy and operate and scale private cellular networks with just a few clicks.

How to start

To begin specify the location where you want to build a private cellular network, the network capacity and the number of devices to be connected. Then AWS delivers pre-intergrated hardware and software components to set up a network that meet your requirements. Power on AWS Private 5G to automaticly configure and active the cellular network, and simply plug in the SIM into your device. Yes... they will give you a SIM card.

Control of network

You can create customized bandwidth latency and quality of service, QOS profiles for groups of devices or applications.


Pricing is based on the network coverage and capacity you need, not the number of connected devices. Making AWS Private 5G an ideal solution for IOT intensive applications like smart manufacturing.


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