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Top 10 Best FREE AWS Courses on planet EARTH!

Created September 30, 2021


In this article, I am going to share some of the best AWS courses which will help you to learn this revolutionary and valuable technology free of cost. Unlike many other free courses you will find on the internet, these are genuine free AWS courses which are made free by their authors and instructors for the promotional and educational purpose.

Why learn Amazon Web Services

The AWS is nothing but a cloud service provider by Amazon. It's a revolutionary change because it allows you to develop an application without worrying about hardware, network, database and other physical infrastructure you need to run your application. You need to rent a data center, buy servers, routers, databases, and other stuff to get the start, which is pain and pose a big hurdle for many entrepreneurs. AWS solves that problem by renting their infrastructure and servers with a nominal cost of what you incur in setting up yourself.

AWS allows Amazon to monetize its massive infrastructure by renting out to people and business who needs that.

For example, if you set up your own data center and buy 10 servers and 10 databases but end up using only 5 of them then remaining are waste of money and they also cost in terms of maintenance. With Amazon Web Service, you can quickly get rid of them.

Similarly, you can scale pretty quickly if you are hosting your application on the cloud-like on Amazon Web Service.


The courses

1. Amazon Web Services - Learning and Implementing AWS Solution

This is one of the best courses to learn Amazon Web Service and it's FREE. It follows the principle of learning by example and real-world scenarios and that reflects in their course.

This is a short course, having just 2 hours worth of material but it's power-packed and intense. There is no-nonsense talk! Even if you check the preview chapter you will learn a lot about what is AWS and what problem it solves, what benefits it offers and why should you learn it.

Link: Click Here

2. Amazon Web Services (AWS) - Zero to Hero

This is another short but truly hands-on AWS course that will teach you how to perform a common task on the AWS interface. In just 2 hours' time, you will learn how to launch a Wordpress website based on Amazon EC2 service.

You will also learn how to create a NodeJS based web application, sending an email with AWS SES, uploading a file to AWS S3, the storage solution provided by Amazon and finally, learn to create and connect to an AWS relational database server.

In short, a great course if you want to use AWS for hosting your application or want to learn how you can leverage Cloud to host your application and most importantly it's FREE.

Link: Click Here

3. AWS for Startups

This is a free AWS course by [Andrew Brown] of This is a course for early startups and people who want a practical way to apply AWS, instead of going for just AWS Certification!

It covers some AWS Services people normally overlook but are incredibly useful. You will learn how to get started with AWS. This is a practical guide for early-stage startups interested in using AWS. You will learn how to create an AWS account, deploy an application, budget scaling applications, and more!

It's completely free and you can watch this on Youtube on FreeCodeCamp's youtube channel.


4.The FREE AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Study Course (200+ Videos!)

This is another free course to learn AWS to prepare for AWS Certified Solution Architect but you can also use this to learn about AWS.

This Study Course is designed to help you pass the AWS Solutions Architect Associate Certification.

Link: Click Here

5. The Free AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Study Course (85+ Videos!)

For starters, it's not super technical. You can earn this certification without knowing how to code. The official certification description recommends you have some basic IT knowledge and "six months of experience with the AWS Cloud in any role, including technical, managerial, sales, purchasing, or financial."

But if you watch this course and follow along on your own computer, you should be OK. The course will break down most of the important concepts in detail for you.

Again this is completely free and you can watch freely on FreeCodeCamp's Youtube Channel.

Link: Click Here

6. AWS Fundamentals: Going Cloud-Native

This is an excellent course to learn AWS Fundamentals and Cloud Computing fundamentals with a focus on developing Cloud-Native applications. It will introduce you to AWS core services and infrastructure and the best thing is that its offered by the AWS itself.

It's a hands-on course with a demonstration and you will how the AWS cloud infrastructure is built, understand Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) and Amazon Lightsail compute services. You will also learn about networking on AWS, including how to set up Amazon Virtual Public Cloud (VPC) and different cloud storage options, including Amazon Elastic Block Storage (EBS), Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) and Amazon Elastic File Service (EFS).

Lastly, you'll learn about security on AWS, as well as how to manage costs when using the AWS cloud platform. While on cost, this is a free-to-audit course on Coursera which means it's free for learning but you need to pay if you need a certificate and access to quizzes and assessments.

Link: Click Here

7. AWS Fundamentals: Migrating to the Cloud

This is a four-week course that focuses on migrating workloads to AWS. You will focus on analyzing your current environment, planning your migration, AWS services that are commonly used during your migration, and the actual migration steps.

If you are new to AWS, we strongly suggest that you take the "AWS Fundamentals: Going Cloud-Native" course available on Coursera to provide an introduction to AWS concepts and services.

Link: Click Here

8. The Good Parts of AWS: Cutting Through the Clutter

This is one of the best courses to learn practical AWS you will find online. This course is created by a former Amazon engineer with 15 years of experience working on AWS. This is not your typical AWS reference course. You won’t find most of the knowledge that’s shared here in the AWS docs. The goal here is to help you realize which AWS features you’d be foolish not to use — features that have passed the test of time by being at the backbone of most things on the Internet.

Link: Click here

9. AWS Certification Training Resources - DigitalCloud

This course is meant to provide support on your AWS Certification journey. The tutorials are a compilation of free AWS certification training resources which includes in-depth AWS cheat sheets, practice questions, blog articles and video tutorials. This will help you to understand cloud computing as well as prepare you for the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam.

Link: Click Here

10. Hands-on Tutorials on your own AWS Account

With Qwiklabs you're limited to a sandboxed environment and can't experiment beyond the given labs. But if you have access to your own AWS account, then it becomes possible to experiment with more AWS services by doing the official hands-on tutorials

There are more than 100 tutorials available, ranging from "Launching a Virtual Machine" to "Creating a Deeplens project". If you plan to do this on your own AWS account and spend as little as possible, then look for the tutorials that contain "Free tier" in the header.

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